Our Search Process

At Career Advantage we appreciate that organisations invest a lot of time and money in their employees, therefore, having the right person in the right job at the right time is crucial for their performance and bottom-line. Recruiting the wrong person for the job will impact not just productivity but also the culture and harmony at the workplace. Now, imagine having a wrong person in an executive or managerial position. All these problems will grow exponentially!

As your partner it is our duty to make sure that you do not make any costly mistakes. Our emphasis is on formulating a plan aimed at getting the recruiting process right. However, as every organisation is different we cannot have a one- size- fit- all plan. At Career Advantage we study the business aims, culture and structure of your organisation to offer a bespoke service to your organisation.

Our recruitment process involves a number of steps:

Assessment of the Client’s requirements

The first step in the recruitment process involves working closely with our clients to understand their structure, culture and the competences required for the performance of the job.

The search process

With the job profile in hand we begin our search for the right candidate. This may be done by tapping into our vast data pool of talent or through advertising in the print or online media, or through exclusive search. Our strong ethics dictate that we never target candidates we have placed or those serving in our clients’ businesses.

Shortlisting of candidates

Shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview and briefed about the job requirement. During the interview we focus on the candidate’s specialist skills as well as soft skills. Suitability for the job is judged by using a number of psychometric tools.

Final selection

The curriculum vitae of the shortlisted candidates is forwarded to the client along with our in depth analysis of their strategic and leadership capabilities. We assist the client in the final selection and follow it up with an extensive reference check of the selected candidate.

Integration into the organisation

Finally we make sure that induction of the candidate into the new organisation is as smooth as possible by providing proactive and practical support throughout the onboarding process.